He sees potential. Whether it’s landscaping, broken TVs, or Xbox sales, 16 year-old Greg McDonald knows how to create transformations that add value. He’s a business man at his core, and his first business, GM Yard Service operating out of Blyth, will likely be the first of many successful businesses. Greg started GM Yard Service with the help of the Summer Company program, funded by the Province of Ontario.

Looking back, Greg thinks he’s always wanted to run his own business. His Grandpa has an electronics business in Harriston, and he’s learned a great deal from him, and his own parents. When Greg was younger, he saved his babysitting and Christmas money to buy an Xbox. After shopping around, he found a great deal on an Xbox set that included the system, games, and a $50 Microsoft gift card. He didn’t intend to use it, though. He kept the $50 gift card and sold the games and Xbox for more he paid, and then used the gift card and excess money to buy a better Xbox. He sees potential.

When he heard about the Summer Company program, he knew it was for him: “I’ve always wanted to work for myself,” Greg said. “So when the opportunity came up to run my lawn service business, I applied.” GM Yard Service has been a great success already. Greg provides landscaping and gardening services to residents of Blyth—grass cutting, hedge trimming, weeding, gardening—you name it. He said he loves being outside, but has had a few interesting experiences: “this has been an especially bad year for wasps,” he said. He accidentally ran over a wasp’s nest while cutting the grass and was covered in stings. Now he always carries a spray with him. He also invested in a better pair of gloves because they stung him through his Dollar store gloves.

Lawn maintenance is just the beginning of Greg’s big picture plan: “I ultimately want to own my own liquidation store.” Why liquidation? Greg likes the challenge of buying, fixing, and selling things. He loves online auctions and has been attending auctions and helping his Grandpa with electronics since he was a little kid. He said he even likes the bookkeeping and administrative sides to business, which most entrepreneurs dread. His plan is to attend Fanshawe College’s Business Management and Entrepreneurship program after high school, but in the meantime, he is taking all the high school courses he can in business, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. He also hopes to apprentice at a liquidation store to get more experience.

He’s a man with a plan, and he’s going places. Watch for Greg McDonald in the future, and in the meantime be sure to contact him for your landscaping needs! 519.524.0889 or greenblyth@hotmail.com.