What organization would I speak with regarding business start-up?

Answer: Entrepreneurs looking to start a small business can contact the Manager of the Huron Small Business Enterprise Centre. The HSBEC contains a multitude of information including hand-outs, videos and books which are related to starting your own small business.

Can library resources be taken out of the Small Business Enterprise Centre?

Answer: Yes – up to three items (combination of books and videos) can be borrowed from the library for five full working days. Items can be signed out at the front desk of the Centre.

Where would I go to look for employment?

Answer: The Centres for Employment & Learning (5 in Huron County) are available to help you with all of your job search needs. They offer free photocopying and faxing of resumes, as well as job postings and internet access to perform your job search.

Where can I register a business in Huron County?

Answer: A business can be registered at the Huron Perth Land Registry Office at 38 North Street, Goderich by using their self-serve terminal – credit card and cash are both accepted at this office. Their contact number is (519) 524-9562. You can also register your business on-line by clicking here. this on-line registration service is offered at The Huron Business Centre as well. The cost for a name search is $8, and a business registration is $60.

What types of government financial assistance are available for small business?

Answer: There are varied sources of government financial assistance available for small business. These sources include The Huron Business Development Corporation, The Canadian Small Business Financing Act, The Business Development Bank of Canada, to name a few. For information on these sources, please contact The Huron Business Centre.

When do I need an HST registration number?

Answer: If your business will be collecting $30,000 or more in gross revenues (products and services) each year, you are required to register, collect and remit H.S.T. For more information on how to proceed with registration please visit Revenue Canada.

When do I need to take off payroll deductions?

Answer: If you have employees you are responsible for calculating, deducting, and remitting of income tax, employment insurance, and Canada Pension Plan contributions. A free employer’s kit can be obtained from the Canada Revenue Agency.

What business structure should I choose when starting a small business?

Answer: There are three basic structures to choose from: a sole proprietorship is a business that you are operating by yourself; a partnership is business wherein you are working with others and sharing profits and losses; if you get more formal you can create a corporation. The type of structure is totally up to your own choosing.

What are the basic components of a business plan?

Answer: There are nine basic elements to any good business plan. They include: an executive summary, management and business organization (i.e. business name and registration), your product/service, proof of demand, your target customers, promotion and advertising, your competition, financial data and an appendix.

What municipal considerations do I need to take into account when starting up a small business?

Answer: You may need to obtain a municipal licence to operate in your municipality – contact your local office for more information. You may also need to be aware of zoning issues – that your business location is zoned appropriately for the use you intend for it.