Please join us in welcoming this year’s Summer Company students in Huron County! These up-and-coming entrepreneurs will receive financial assistance, training, and mentorship from the Summer Company Program, funded by the Province of Ontario. This year, Huron County was granted six spaces, which were filled by the following fantastic young entrepreneurs:

Lauren Wright (519-441-3658) will be operating “Artbylaurwrig” in Goderich. Lauren is an artist, specializing in painting portraits of pets. Her work can be found, or commissioned, at the Farmer’s Market in Goderich. Check out her Instagram Page for more information.

Mackenzie Oke (519-709-8052) will be operating “Me My Soap and I” in Exeter. Mackenzie makes goat’s milk soap and bath bombs, which are available online and at local Farmer’s Markets and craft shows. Check out her Facebook Page for the latest news!

Marissa Nonkes (226-222-9394) will be operating “Wetsinge Farm Flowers” in Auburn. Marissa will be growing and selling fresh cut sunflowers, both wholesale and at local Farmer’s Markets. Check out her Facebook Page for more details.

Taresa Foster (519-441-3931) will be operating “The Astraea Soap Company” in Goderich. Taresa makes bath bombs, face masks and soap. All are available at the Goderich Farmer’s Market. Check out her Instagram and Facebook Pages.

Riley O’Keefe (519-441-0967) will be creating custom embroidered clothing with his business, “Drunken Tailor”. Riley’s designs can be found and ordered on his website, or contact him to place a custom order.

Emma Skinn (519-357-8774) will be operating “ESkinn Media” in Wingham. Emma provides many services, including photography, photo editing, graphic design, website design, and logo creation! Check out her work through the ESkinn Instagram and  Facebook pages.

Currently in its 18th year, the Summer Company program aims to inspire more young people to choose entrepreneurship as a career and to equip them with the tools they need to succeed.  The Ministry is granting over 400 Summer Company awards this year, and we’re pleased that Huron County won six of them. Designed for students aged 15-29 who will be going back to school in the fall, this program provides up to $1,500 toward start-up costs, and upon successful completion of the program requirements, the student is eligible for an additional award of up to $1,500.

Each student submitted a comprehensive business plan with their application in the Spring, and participated in an interview process. Training and workshops will be provided by Nicki Darbyson, Program Coordinator and Business Consultant with the Huron County Economic Development Team. Students will also be in regular communication with a volunteer group of community mentors, who will assist with the management side of operating a business. Please contact the Huron County Economic Development Department’s Small Business Centre for further information (519.524.8394 ext. 6).