Summer Company Spotlight: ESkinn Media

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It’s always reassuring when people insist that you start a business to share your talents… and then to raise your prices, because you’re that good at what you do. 17 year-old Emma Skinn has always been artistic but as a kid, she didn’t think being an artist was a practical career goal. She decided she’d like to be a wildlife biologist and focused on science courses in high school. Then, with a random elective last year, she took a...

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Summer Company Spotlight: Me My Soap and I

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She’s an entrepreneur at heart, and this summer, she’s learning the ropes with her goat’s milk soap business, Me My Soap and I. Mackenzie Oke joined the Summer Company program to test being an entrepreneur before she begins an Entrepreneurship Program at Fanshawe in September. It’s good news for us—the program solidified her decision to enroll in the Entrepreneurship program, and she plans to continue and expand her business in the...

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Summer Company Spotlight: The Astraea Soap Company

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She’s always been creative, but now she’s a creative mad scientist and her talents have manifested into beautiful, aromatic homemade soaps. She started with bath bombs and ventured into soap making in June. You’d never know she’s only been in the business for a few months; she’s a bit of a perfectionist so each bar has gorgeous designs and a smooth exterior. Taresa Foster started The Astraea Soap Company in June with the help of the...

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Summer Company Spotlight: Wetsinge Farm Flowers

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The best skills are always those that you learn from your grandmother. Marissa Nonkes helped her grandmother grow and sell sunflowers at local markets as a kid, and enjoyed it so much that she’s headed to Ridgetown for horticulture this fall. What started as a fun family tradition has turned into a summer business for Marissa because of the Summer Company program, funded by the Province of Ontario and the Huron County Economic Development...

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Social Enterprise Spotlight: Homegrown

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Doing well by doing good, Homegrown Land Bank Group is an incredible example of a local social enterprise that has a big impact. Homegrown brings together farmers from the local community in an online farmer’s market to help them reach markets they might not have access to otherwise. The online farmer’s market connects consumers to their favourite local producers with a convenient food basket that can be picked up at multiple locations in...

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